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Call Hennie Now On 076 735 7654

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Planning outdoor campaigns can be incredibly time consuming and complicated. We take on this role of the marketing manager or business owner which frees them up to focus on other duties with a clear mind.

We offer our clients better rates on billboards as we have strong relationships with all the media owners.

Regular updating of available sites. Sourcing availability on all boards can take days or even weeks for the client to obtain within their areas.

Click Certain consists of a dedicated team that is regularly updated on their colleague’s campaigns which ensures that our client’s needs are met if their specific account manager is not available. We pride ourselves on the service rendered to all our clients and have a history of maintaining great relationships.

Click Certain is experienced within the industry and can advise on sites that are best suited for the client’s needs. We’re also well versed in the advertising industry as a whole which allows us to advise clients on other mediums as an added benefit.